Day and Night 

The day has its own life. It is born and stretches out across hope and rage and love and grief. Then it curls into itself and fades into the blackness between stars where dreams and prayers offer gestation to a new day.

Pay Attention 

Perfection does not exist for us mortal, quirky creatures, so I figure there is always room for improvement. In that spirit, I have become intrigued with meditation. Thus far, meditation does not seem intrigued with me. Settling the mind can at times be akin to getting a three-year-old on a sugar high to sit still for a family portrait.

This state of mind is not always a bad thing. It certainly plays a role in the brainstorming aspects of creativity, but as surely as the body needs rest, so does the mind. To…

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Leave A Mark 

My primary guitar, the nicest one I’ve ever bought for myself to date, is a Taylor 114ce. Before long, I’m sure to upgrade, but for now it is my darling. I love the sound. I have played it and performed with it quite a lot since I bought it in 2012. It already has some wear along the sound hole where my furious strumming has left its mark.


I am not upset about this “damage.” When I first noticed the worn areas, I was proud. I realized that to leave your mark upon a musical instrument from playing it again…

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This Is My Tribe 

I first wrote a song when I was less than a decade old. It was a silly, simple song about how I loved my family. I even took the time to write it down. Just a few years later, I would fashion a "guitar" out of a tennis racquet and a couple of old shoe laces for a guitar strap. I suppose this falls somewhere between an air guitar and the real thing.

I had a good friend in college who was a writer. It was her self-evident and inescapable truth. I found her one morning in the dining hall writing, as always, in…

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