A spirited voice and a mean right hand

Cat McGee, a singer-songwriter hailing from Dallas, Texas, has a spirited voice and "a mean right hand" in the words of Lloyd Maines. She has been compared to Joan Armatrading, Natalie Merchant, Joni Mitchell, and the Indigo Girls.

Cat has been creating music since she was a wee lass. Being the tallest girl in the third grade, she was recruited to play bass for the elementary school orchestra. She found a home for her musical instincts in the children's choir at church and playing alto sax and bagpipes in the high school band, but nothing surpassed her passion for songwriting and playing guitar which she took to in her Tweens.

Having released her first album, Cat McGee delights in every opportunity to perform and captures the audience's attention with compelling lyrics and vocals. Cat also has fun with her songs, sneaking in wordplay and wit.

In her spare time, Cat works as an attorney. 


Photo by John Nervig.

 Photo by Ian Dickson.

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Dallas Songwriters Association Hall of Fame 2021

Online Virtual Event

The DSA honors John Denver and other Texas artists. Cat McGee will perform John Denver's hit "Calypso", a dedication to Jacques Cousteau and his ship, the Calypso.


Cat McGee Performs at DSA Virtual Spotlight via Facebook

Online Virtual Event

I'll be performing a half-hour set at 1:30 pm (Central) via the Dallas Songwriters Association Facebook page. You don't even have to get dressed, but don't tell me if you aren't.

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